Thursday, September 28, 2006

Learn about Henry: October 25

Wednesday, October 25
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Email to R.S.V.P. or for more information.

Looking into school options for your child(ren)? Thinking about Henry, but want to know what it's really like? Unanswered concerns or questions? Join current Henry parents to learn about life in and around the school. Come with questions, or just to listen.

We've been hosting these meetings, monthly-ish during the school year, for 4 years. The meetings are a safe environment to ask questions, express concerns, share observations, and get to know people exploring the same issues as you.

Children are welcome. We'll provide a sitter, and ask $5 per child for the sitter. Please bring a small snack or beverage for kids and/or adults.

Meetings are at the home of Kevin and Nancy Peter, 526 Arbutus Street.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin & Nancy: I'm interested in attending, but I work Wednesday evenings and my husband works Thursday evenings. Are these meetings ever held on a different night? We're in the Henry catchment and are considering Henry for our daughter, who enters kindergarten in Fall 2008.

Catherine Collins

KP said...

We rotate meeting days, so we'll make sure the November day is Monday or Tuesday. KP

Anonymous said...

This is a general question about the C.W. Henry catchment area. Maybe someone can help. We are house-hunting and would like to buy within the Henry catchment if we are going to buy in WMA at all. The only online map I have found is an odd .jpg file in which someone has drawn a big circle around WMA . . . it really leaves one with little confidence that the actual borders of the Henry catchment are delineated. Can anyone help us to figure out which streets define the actual borders?

Thanks for any advice.


Knowing Kevin said...
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Knowing Kevin said...

The actual borders are delineated. My pen circle is just to draw attention to the roughly-"W" shaped area which is the catchment. Specifically: southwestern border runs along the Wissahickon creek; southeast border is West Hortter, West Upsal with a jut SE on Greene then continuing on West Upsal to Germantown Avenue; NW border at Germatown Ave, then south on Carpenter, NW on Emlen, SW on West Mt. Pleasant, NW on Cherokee, SW on W Allens Lane; the final NW corner of the catchment runs along McCallum and then across no-man's-land just W of Gatehouse Lane and back down to the Wissahickon. KP