Thursday, July 07, 2005

Henry school boundaries

CW Henry district boundaries (photo KP) Posted by Picasa

This image, taken from a 2004 school district map of schools in the northwest region of the city, shows Henry's district in the center. Not the circle - the "V"-shaped (or Cassiopeia-shaped, for you astonomers), greenish area outlined by: The Wissahickon valley, Hortter, Upsal, Greene, Germantown Avenue, Carpenter Lane, Emlen, West Mt. Pleasant, Cherokee, West Allens Lane, McCallum, and just west of Gatehouse Lane.

Use this map as a guideline only. Contact the school or the district for official determination on whether you live in Henry's district.

Students who live in Henry's district are automatically eligible to attend Henry. Students who live outside the district may apply to attend through the school district's desegregation (a.k.a., "Deseg") program. See the link to Deseg information in the "Go Here!" section to the right.

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