Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Extreme Makeover: Schoolyard Version

Upper school yard circa 2005 (KP) Posted by Picasa

Henry's upper school yard, at the intersection of Greene and Sedgwick, is about to get a makeover. Beginning in November: the schoolyard will be leveled (not completely so it will still shed rainwater), the main surface will have fresh asphalt, the edges will be bermed and seeded (grassy knolls don't scare us), and a ramped walk will extend from the upper gate at Sedgwick down to the tarmac.

Because of the heavy, daily traffic, the main area will still be asphalt. Most of the school community assembles there, every morning. Most recesses happen there. Mrs. Cairone's gym class uses the area frequently. So asphalt is the best surface for that multi-use traffic.

Bordering the main area on three sides will be grassy berms for sitting in comfort. There is talk of raising money to install more attractive fencing around the school yard. The school needs fencing to contain and protect students in the schoolyard, and both neighbors and school parents would like a more attractive fence.

Thanks to a lot of work by the Home and School, some neighbors, and the district, this project is funded entirely by the district and coordinated by the Philadelphia School Improvement Team, this project is a great example of parents, neighbors, the school, and the district collaborating to improve the school environment for the students and the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for updates.

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uh said...

Has anyone explored porous concrete? The Morris arboretum has it in their parking lot and it was featured on NPR a few weeks ago. It is much like regular concrete, but lets water drain directly, reducing run off, pooling (Lake Henry will be a thing of the past), and other water problems. No idea how it compares in price.