Saturday, December 05, 2009

If you read no other posts on Knowing Henry

With the winding down of this blog, I have gathered the bottom-line information, here. The posts listed below cut to the chase: the cold hard stats that prove that Henry outperforms, not just the rest of the district, not just charters, but the state overall. Need objective proof that your kids won't necessarily do better in a charter, or suburban, or even a high-priced charter school? It's all right here.

There are many more posts with useful information throughout Knowing Henry. Parent testimonials. Information about the art and music programs, sports, trips, and more.

(some of the posts contain external links to news reports that may no longer be active)

How do the academics compare to other schools?

What do the numbers say?

Still more good news from PSSA

Private school advantage disappears

Little evidence that charter schools perform better

Why do parents choose Henry if they can afford other schools?

Why they chose Henry

Do I live in the Henry catchment?

Henry school boundaries

What do people do about after school?

After school Summit's just a block away

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