Monday, May 26, 2008

"In the wilds of Germantown..."

Preparing for Henry's centennial celebration, the Mt. Airy Times Express ran a lengthy article about Henry's past and present. Guest writer Sue Ann Rybak did a great job of capturing Henry's spirit.

Read HERE.


Sarah said...

Not really a comment -- just a question. We live in East Mt. Airy, have a 20 month old, and are expecting our second child in July. Friends are picking daycares based on what "feeds" to what elementary schools/private schools. There was some mention of Summit Daycare improving chances of being admitted to Henry if it isn't your regional school... Is this true? How hard is it to apply & have our children accepted to go to Henry - or Jenks, for that matter? I looked at the School District's website, but didn't find it helpful. While my husband actually works at a private school (and therefore gets free tuition benefits), we would really like to consider public school as an option. I've read about the work you & your family do on behalf of Henry & public education -- thank you for that.

KP said...

Summit is not officially affiliated with Henry, and having a child in the Summit Day Care program does not improve the child's chances of getting into Henry. Many private schools operate day cares to create pipelines for their Kindergartens, and we've seen that work. Families who send their children to day care in several of the local private schools rarely make the move to public school for Kindergarten.

Applying from outside Henry's catchment involves submitting a form the year before your child will begin Kindergarten. It's a bureaucratic process, but we're working with the district to improve the process. - KP