Friday, November 09, 2007

Video: "Hi, I'm Henry" on YouTube

Parents, a teacher, the principal, the kids. In their own words.


Anonymous said...

Ask the parents who have left Henry for greener pastures, either local private schools or suburban public schools. NO comparison. Henry is great for parents who augment their childrens education at home or have the time to monitor daily activities. Otherwise it is an inferior educational experience. sorry,

KP said...

I'm not sure if the Anonymous had a kid at Henry, or is just reflecting neighborhood mythology. Henry is not for everyone - not every or and not every parent. However, he or she apparently is not aware of the families who have come to Henry from area private schools because they discovered they were spending a lot of money for an experience that was inferior to Henry.

It does make one wonder: how does a responsible parent not monitor his/her kid's daily activities? Is s/he leaving the kids to TV and computer games all evening and on weekends, rather than taking advantage of the many informal education opportunties in and around Philadelphia?

As we know from our many friends whose kids are in private school, and who live in the burbs, you still have to invest time in your kids' education, no matter where they go to school. That's just responsible parenting.

Anonymous said...

Wow - this video pod is fantastic. My wife and I looked at Henry for our child and have applied to it for next year. We both loved it. We're both professionals with many options (including private school and the mythical suburbs), but are looking only at School District of Philadelphia Schools like Henry.