Friday, June 08, 2007

Henry schoolyard work begins...finally!

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Work began last week on the upgrade (technically: downgrade) to Henry's playground. The $600,000 project, funded through the district's Campus Park Initiative, is scheduled to complete by the end of July. The project will:

1. Reduce the grade/slope of the main part of the upper school yard, making it flatter, easier for running and gym class, and easier for neighborhood kids to learn to ride bikes!

2. Create berms/hills along the inside of the fence, along Sedgwick and Greene streets. The berms will be grassy, with new trees and benches, for quiet, calm sitting and activities.

3. Create a ramp in the berm, from the gate at Sedgwick down to the grade of the newly-leveled main school yard.

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Greg Moore said...

More accurately, $350,000 budget