Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bernard Hopkins: CW Henry's most famous, generous alumnus?

If you're not a fan of professional boxing, or a reader of sports headlines, you might not know Bernard Hopkins. However, if you're a fan of people who give back to the people and institutions that helped them along the way, you should know him. Hopkins is an alumnus of Henry, and he still keeps in touch with his old Gym teacher - Mrs. Cairone - who's still there and doesn't really look that old.

Hopkins claimed the Light Heavyweight Championship title last June, in Atlantic City. The bout capped his winning career in the ring, and earned him a great purse. He took part of his winnings and created a foundation to help kids, and he hasn't been slow about spreading the wealth around.

Earlier this fall, he announced a $60,000 grant to C.W. Henry School for a new playground area. Until now, only the Kindergarten play area has had equipment for climbing, swinging, etc. Now the older kids will have more than blacktop to keep them occupied during recess. That's good news for the non-football crowd.

The gift to Henry is just one recent example of Hopkin's generosity and mission. He's supported Boys and Girls Club in North Philly, lead tours of the Mural Arts Program's works in West Philly, and is working with Philly police to combat the "stop snitchin'" sentiment that lets criminal intimidate victims and witnesses.

So a world champion athlete and emerging philanthropist. Is Hopkins Henry's most famous and most generous alumnus? If you know someone who can take away that title, let me know!

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