Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Philly schools still improving

As reported by Susan Snyder in Sunday's Inquirer, Philadelphia public schools are still posting improvements on the PSSA: Pennsylvania System of School Assessment.

Improvements last year came in:

Third grade reading and math

Eight grade reading

Eleventh grade reading and math

For all three grades, combined, the percentage of students scoring Advanced or Proficient from 2001/02 to 2005/06:

Increased from 19.5% to 41.8% in math

Increased from 23.9% to 39% in reading

Fifth grade posted a slight decrease in PSSA results, last year. Since 2001/02, Philly's fifth graders improved math results from 18.7% to 41.4%, and reading results from 20.8% to 31.7%.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education usually releases individual school results in September/October. Stay tuned to see how Henry fared.

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