Monday, June 12, 2006

Henry grads hit top schools

With graduation season upon us, the big question often is: What's next? For better than 50% of Henry's 8th grade grads, the answer is "on to one of the city's top high schools!"

Thanks to Henry Guidance Counselor, Maxine Coker (herself a Henry alumna), the picture of where our grads go is nicely detailed.

In 2004 and 2005, 57 percent of Henry's 8th graders moved on to special admission high schools and high schools accepting city-wide admission.

The Special Admissions Schools accepting Henry grads include:

Bodine High School of International Studies

Carver High School of Engineering and Science

Central High School

High School for Creative and Performing Arts

Franklin Learning Center

Philadelphia High School for Girls

Saul Agricultural High School

The schools accepting city-wide admissions, including Henry grads, include:

Lankenau High School

As I learned last year, the kids who start young at Henry, and stay through eighth grade, tend to do the best, thanks to an academic career full of Henry support and environment. But many families send their kids to Henry, in later grades, to find the academic rigor to qualify for the city's better schools. To wit: My Only Regret With Henry

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