Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sept. 15 Henry Meeting

Thursday, September 15
7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

R.S.V.P., or for more information.

Looking into school options for your child(ren)?
Thinking about Henry, but want to know what it's really like?
Unanswered concerns or questions?
Can't figure out what to do until E.R. comes on?

Join current Henry parents, with kids ranging from Kindergarten to 4th grade, to learn about life in and around the school. Come with questions, or just to listen. We've been hosting these meetings, monthly-ish during the school year, for 3 years. The meetings are a safe environment to ask questions, express concerns, share observations, and get to know people exploring the same issues as you.

Children are welcome. We'll provide a sitter, and ask $5 per child for the sitter.

Please bring a small snack or beverage for kids and/or adults.

UPDATE: 9/16/05. A house-full of parents & kids enjoyed the sweltering results of my once-in-a-lifetime proactive gesture of taking out the air conditioners BEFORE the first frost. Lesson learned: procrastination pays.

Three new Kindergarten families shared their experiences of the first week of school - which included the creation of a new classroom on day 3 to accommodate a higher than expected number of Kindergarteners.


Greg Moore said...

How about posting a photo of all the happily engaged attendees drinking wine and eating potato chips or watching Shrek II?

KP said...

Shhh. The wine's a secret perk for those who attend.