Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Knowing Henry: Here's the Point

C.W. Henry School, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia (photo KP) Posted by Hello

Knowing Henry contains the personal observations of Kevin Peter, a Henry school parent, about the school environment, activities, students, families, faculty and staff.

Why blog Henry?
In starting to research Henry, we found plenty of information...scattered around local papers, state agencies, and local mythology. But we found no accessible collection of the kind of information we really wanted and needed: What's Henry really like for the kids who go there?

I believe most neighborhood families who have the ability to choose which school their children attend, write-off Henry without consideration. What my family has learned alongside many others with the ability to choose, is that Henry is a good school where kids are excelling and where the faculty and staff are sincerely interested in the students. We have found, once families take a serious look at Henry and compare it to other schools, many choose Henry.

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